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How to Fight Addiction and Win

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How to Fight Addiction and Win

Addiction is a problem that exceeds addicted individual and its mere abuse of the certain substance. At some point of development, it inevitably reflects on every aspect of an addict’s life and finally – pulls in the vortex even the closest people of an addict. It starts with physical and psychical manifestations of addiction, expanding to consequences and damage made in the professional, emotional and social sphere of an individual’s life and it ends up with severe harmful effect on addict’s environment.

drug-addiction-factsEvery addiction treatment is tough, long-lasting, exhausting process with an uncertain outcome. However, if the problem is approached correctly and comprehensively, with a lot of patience, persistence and mental strength of everyone included in the process, it can restore patient and his life and enable him to get rid of an awful problem of self-destruction.

Acknowledging the problem and deciding to roll up the sleeves and fight it is the beginning of every addiction treatment. This is potentially the toughest step and is requires the will to change life in many aspects.

The founding idea of every treatment should be an attempt to establish a completely new way of living while coming up with some healthier ways of dealing with reasons which turn the patient to substance abuse at the first place. The treatment should be customized according to each addict personally, including his whole personality and all the aspects of his life into the process of improvement.


Once the major scheme of the addiction treatment and all of its steps have been constructed, it all depends on the commitment and not giving up. Even when the road gets tough and, occasional failures happen. There are many places offering alcohol treatment and practicing various approaches, and the right choice depends on many aspects. Some patients demand hospitalization, detoxication supervised by medical staff and other experts, while other can go through the process through therapy groups or various rehab centers and their recovering programs. In general, the best strategy is to go for treatment that combines dealing with mere substance abuse and with emotional and psychological issues in the background of the problem at the same time.

addiction treatmentNo one should even try to get through this process alone. Leaning on family and close friends is crucial, as well as turning to new people who will not provoke or promote bad habits. Focusing on new hobbies, activities, other job or living environment, leaving the old troubling friends and all the sources of risk factors is a part of the process that has to be done, so the new terrain adapted for healthier lifestyle could be created.

Keeping away from all the triggers and the atmosphere that inspires relapses isn’t running away from the problem, but simply not tempting the body or mind. Various psychotherapies, individual or group ones, should always be included into detoxication process, as well as working therapy, social activities with people with similar problems and other forms of supportive programs.

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